Where to Take the NREMT Exam

The National Registry for Emergency Medical Technicians’ (NREMT) cognitive exam is available online at both a registered testing site location and at home. Exact physical locations vary from state to state and even from city to city. In some areas, the physical location is several hours away by car; in others, it’s just a short bus ride. Currently, Pearson Vue testing centers are responsible for proctoring the NREMT exam, so visit their website to find a testing center near you.

However, taking the NREMT is more than taking an emergency medical services (EMS) course and NREMT prep course and waltzing into a testing center. You must undergo the NREMT registration process and be approved to test before your test day arrives.

In this article, we’ll explain how to register for the exam, where you can take it, and tips on how to pass the NREMT cognitive exam.

How to Register for the NREMT

If you don’t already have an account with the National Registry, your first step is to create one. Head to the NREMT’s website and select ‘New Account’ on the homepage. There, you can create a username and password.

Once you have an account, complete all the required information in the ‘Personal Account Information’ section. The information you include should match the information on your official government-issued identification (driver’s license, passport, etc). If this information does not match, you may be denied access to your test on testing day.

Next, click ‘Create a New Application’ to apply for your exam. Review all the information in the ‘Personal Information Summary’ to ensure everything is correct. If you notice inaccuracies, you can correct them in the ‘Manage Account Information’ section. Once your personal information is squared away, you can select the application level you want to complete.

We recommend you pay your application exam fee at the same time you complete your application. An Authorization to Test (ATT) Letter will be issued to you once this fee has been paid. This letter allows you to schedule your exam.

Then, you need to verify you’ve been approved to test. After completing the application and verifying your information, you should see the option to ‘Print ATT Letter.’ To verify your approval status, click ‘Candidate’ and ‘Application Status.’ In the section next to ‘Course Completion Verification,’ you should see ‘Submitted,’ which indicates the National Registry is still waiting for authorization from your program director.

Once the ‘Submitted’ section changes to ‘Approved,’ you can print your ATT Letter. The ATT Letter is only valid for ninety days after it has been issued. If it expires before you take the exam, you will need to submit a new application and pay another fee. We recommend contacting Pearson VUE right away to schedule your exam.

Taking the Test at a Testing Center

Pearson Vue offers an in-person testing option. For this, you will need to schedule and confirm the exact location where you will be taking the test with Pearson Vue. This option might be preferable if your home computer is incompatible with Pearson Vue’s testing software, your internet is unstable, or you focus better in a traditional testing setting.

If you are late for your exam, you may lose your appointment. Pearson Vue does not offer refunds to lost appointments or no-shows, so set plenty of reminders and arrive early on test day!

Taking the Test at Home

You can take the NREMT exam at home through Pearson Vue’s online testing experience. This option allows you to take your exam remotely from home, on your schedule. However, you will need to run a system check, find a private and distraction-free space to take the exam, and still present valid government identification.

For more NREMT exam tips and tricks, check out our other posts or explore your study options with The Paramedic Coach today!

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