What Do I Need to Bring to My NREMT Test?

As you head to the National Registry for Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) test center, you need to bring two valid forms of identification: a government-issued identification card with your photo and signature and a second one with your name and official signature.

In your NREMT test prep study guide, you’ll learn what items you can bring to the exam center and which ones you can’t. This information is important for staying compliant with NREMT exam policies.

As you review the information about how to become NREMT-certified, you also need to familiarize yourself with the agency’s examination rules and guidelines to avoid running into trouble during your emergency medical technician (EMT) exam.

NREMT Exam Entry Guidelines

On the day of your NREMT exam, you’re expected to arrive at your designated testing center half an hour before the exam starts. As noted above, you must provide two forms of valid identification to enter.

When you book your exam, you’ll be provided with an Authorization to Test (ATT) that you must also bring with you. This is a letter issued by the agency to confirm that you paid for the test and that all your documents and credentials have been verified.

NREMT will send a link with the instruction, ‘Print ATT Letter.’ This means that your application for taking the test has been approved. This letter contains the guidelines you need to follow when taking the exam.

The letter also expires after ninety days. Once it expires, you have to resubmit your application and pay another exam fee. You won’t get an extension for an expired ATT. The agency does not issue refunds for expired applications or no-shows. You will likely lose your ATT if you arrive late at the exam center, but you can contact the agency for clarification on any part of your ATT that is not clear.  

Understanding these policies is part of the process for taking the NREMT exam. Remember that you’ll only be certified to work as an EMT after you pass the NREMT test. So, take your preparations seriously because it will affect your performance.

Items to Take to the Exam Center

The two forms of identification mentioned above are the most important things you’ll need at the NREMT exam center. Ensure that your first and last names are clearly indicated on the identification. The names need to match the names printed on your ATT. 

Otherwise, you will be turned away if your identification doesn’t fulfill these requirements. Your ATT might also be canceled, and you’ll have to submit a new application.

Acceptable forms of identification for the NREMT exam include:

  • A valid passport
  • A military identification card
  • A state-issued identification card
  • A state-issued driver’s license
  • A social security card
  • A bank ATM or debit or credit card

Note that any temporary or paper identification won’t be accepted.

Items Not to Bring to the Exam Center

You shouldn’t bring personal items like mobile phones, watches, firearms, wallets, purses, or weapons to the exam center. Furthermore, you shouldn’t wear a hat or other head covering that’s not affiliated with religion.

Leave your bags, extra jackets, notebooks, and pens in your car or home. Although you’ll be provided a small locker at the exam center to store your personal belongings, don’t carry anything included on the list of prohibited items.

The agency doesn’t have exceptions when it comes to allowable personal items. It is one of the common reasons test takers are dismissed from the testing center. The test center administrator will check to ensure that you’re not bringing any of the prohibited items.

In Conclusion

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