Steps to Become a Paramedic

Serving as a paramedic offers a rare opportunity to save lives. It also provides an unmatched level of gratification, especially if your life’s purpose is to be of service to others.

If becoming a first responder is a life passion, it’s essential to know exactly what you have to study to become a paramedic and how to prepare for paramedic school

Who Is a Paramedic?

A paramedic is an emergency medical service provider who normally arrives at emergencies in an ambulance and offers emergency medical care to patients at the scene and on the way to the hospital. In other words, a paramedic is a first responder who is typically called to the scene of an event to offer emergency medical care to those critically ill or injured and who need to be taken to the hospital fast.

After arriving on the scene, the paramedic needs to evaluate the patient’s condition and provide the necessary medical care. If necessary, they continue providing the sick or injured with medical care on the way to the hospital.

This means that you must have the necessary knowledge to offer professional health and medical services and be physically capable of transporting patients safely in emergency vehicles. It’s your responsibility to brief medical professionals at the hospital on the patient’s condition so they can prepare for their arrival and render the necessary medical care immediately.

How to Become a Paramedic

You have to fulfill certain basic requirements to become a certified paramedic. These include undertaking the necessary training at a recognized institution and passing all necessary tests. 

Here are the main steps to becoming a paramedic:

Enroll in Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Training

Your journey to becoming a paramedic starts with becoming an EMT. This entry-level position in the emergency medical field paves the way to becoming a paramedic. Similar to paramedics, EMTs play a critical role in saving lives.

EMT training involves learning to check for blocked airways, stop bleeding, wrap different types of wounds with a bandage, and more. At the end of your EMT training, you can offer basic first-aid care, respond to emergency calls, assess a patient’s condition, and develop an effective plan for stabilizing a patient quickly.

To become a certified EMT, you must pass the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) exam. This is the national certifying body for professionals in the emergency medical services industry.

NREMT offers four main certifications: Emergency Medical Responder (EMR), Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT), and Paramedic.

The NREMT exam is quite difficult. You need to spend some time studying and preparing for the exam to improve your chances of passing. Therefore, you have to find a reliable online platform with all the resources you need for your NREMT test prep.

So, what is the best online prep for paramedics and EMTs? A test prep platform should break down complex concepts and simplify them in a way that helps you internalize the material. 

Gain EMT Experience

EMT training takes about three months, but it can also be accelerated to four to eight weeks, depending on the method of training you choose. Some EMTs begin their field practice while they’re still in school. Hands-on work experience as an EMT prepares you for paramedic training and a career in this important role.

Enroll in Paramedic School

Paramedic training takes between fourteen months and two years. You’ll have earned an associate’s degree at the end of this training. If you’re only interested in college credit and certification, your training will take fourteen to eighteen months.

A Key Resource for Aspiring Paramedics

Finally, you need to take the NREMT paramedic cognitive and psychomotor exam to become certified. With the help of the Paramedic Coach, you’ll have all the necessary resources and information you need to pass your NREMT exam!

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