Paramedic Career Path

Pursuing a career in paramedics gives you a chance to serve humanity and help save lives. As a paramedic, you are a part of the team of first responders who are called to scenes of accidents and other emergencies to provide first aid and ensure critically ill or injured patients make it to the hospital.

So, what do you have to study to become a paramedic, and how much does it cost to become a paramedic

The truth is that becoming a paramedic requires you to undergo rigorous training and pass certifying exams, all of which cost money. Therefore, you must create a budget to cover the cost of your training, which can vary depending on the program, the mode of training you choose, and whether you take online paramedic test prep.

Before you start thinking about the cost of your training, you should check the prerequisites for enrolling in a paramedic training course to ensure you qualify.

Requirements for Paramedic Training

According to the EMT-paramedic training standards developed by the US Department of Transportation in collaboration with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, you must first be a certified emergency medical technician (EMT) to qualify for paramedic training.

If you meet this requirement, you must complete a paramedic course, which typically takes fourteen to eighteen months. Some paramedic programs ask their students for their EMT certificate and proof of experience in the field, which is why you should spend at least six months in the field as an EMT before enrolling in a paramedic program.

Some universities and colleges that train paramedics require their students to take an entry exam or undergo thorough screening to ascertain their aptitude and potential to become paramedics. Others will perform thorough background checks on their students and screen them for drug use before they can enroll. Once you’ve fulfilled the EMT basic requirement, you should choose the paramedic training program that matches your career goals and preferred training mode.

Paramedic Training

Your paramedic training program should be accredited and recognized by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT), which is the entity that certifies all professionals in the EMT/EMS industry in the United States. Training with an accredited institution is important because you’ll be trained following the highest industry standards, thus increasing your chances of passing the NREMT exam and becoming a certified paramedic.  

Paramedic training covers critical aspects of emergency medical services, including advanced medical competencies, anatomy, and physiology. It also includes field training, where students participate in ambulance runs and clinical rotations.

If you want to get an associate degree through the training, you’ll be required to extend your program to two years to complete other classes required for an associate degree.

More About the Certification Exam

The type of field training you do can vary by state. Regardless, everyone needs to take the same NREMT test at the end of their training to become certified.

Unfortunately, many people fail this exam on their first attempt. Finding a qualified and experienced NREMT coach to help you prepare will increase your chances of acing the test. 

That’s where The Paramedic Coach comes in. Our resources will provide you with all the knowledge and skills you need to pass your paramedic NREMT test much more easily!

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