Is Becoming an Advanced EMT Worth It?

Working as an emergency medical technician (EMT) brings a real sense of accomplishment because it allows you to help others and save lives. You can either work as an EMT or advance to higher levels, including becoming an advanced emergency medical technician (AEMT) by completing an online advanced EMT course.

If you’re already working as an EMT, you may wonder if reaching the AEMT level is worth the effort. This article will define ‘advanced emergency medical technician certification’ and explain its importance.

What Does It Mean to be an Advanced EMT?

According to the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT), the entity that tests and certifies professionals in the emergency medical care industry, an AEMT performs basic and some advanced emergency medical services and transfers critically ill and injured patients to a hospital.

An AEMT must have the fundamental expertise and skills needed to offer adequate medical care in emergencies and transport patients to medical facilities. Those who work as AEMTs are part of the emergency medical services response team and work under the oversight of more highly trained professionals.

AEMTs perform medical interventions using basic and advanced medical equipment commonly found on ambulances. They serve as links between the scene and the emergency medical care system.

To achieve these skills, you must undergo advanced EMT training at one of the many NREMT-approved training institutions. Many universities, community colleges, and academies also offer AEMT courses. 

However, you should only enroll in an institution recognized and certified by the relevant bodies. This will go a long way to ensuring that you receive the correct  NREMT certification at the end of your training.

Importance of Acquiring AEMT Certification

How hard is advanced EMT coursework? In all honesty, an AEMT course isn’t a walk in the park because it involves many hours of learning in class, medical labs, and the field to ensure you can care for others in emergencies. In addition, you have to pass the NREMT exam at the end of your training to be allowed to practice as an AEMT and enjoy the many benefits of becoming an AEMT.

Advanced EMT Knowledge

Anyone who wishes to become an AEMT or paramedic must start as an EMT. Becoming an AEMT gives you the advanced knowledge needed to render effective emergency healthcare services. While AEMTs can perform all of the tasks performed by EMTs, they need a deeper understanding of how and why these medical interventions need to be performed and render more advanced emergency medical aid.

Knowing when a particular medical procedure is necessary will result in more positive outcomes for the patient and the medical service provider. Becoming an AEMT can help you advance your skills and become more successful in your work.

Higher Pay

Because AEMTs offer more advanced emergency medical services, they earn higher pay than their EMT counterparts. Becoming an AEMT demonstrates your commitment to expanding your skills and responsibilities.

With more training and experience, you are compensated more for your ability to provide advanced patient care. Although the difference between EMTs and AEMTs may not be enormous, the advancement to an AEMT is worth it.

Career Advancement

Although working as an EMT is a great achievement, you should always aim higher and continue growing in your career. The next step from an EMT position is to become an AEMT.

If you’ve worked as an EMT for several months or years and you wish to advance, you can become an AEMT. You can advance your training and skills to become a paramedic from there.

A Few More Thoughts

Becoming an AEMT is very rewarding. However, it requires a commitment on your part. For one, you need to prepare yourself thoroughly for your NREMT exam at the end of the AEMT course–this is where The Paramedic Coach comes in handy. We offer lifetime access to the engaging and informative training resources you need to ace the exam and more easily secure a position in this exciting field!


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