How Much Does the NREMT Exam Cost?

The National Registry for Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) cognitive exam costs vary depending on the level of certification you want to earn. For emergency medical responders (EMRs), the exam fee is $88. For emergency medical technicians (EMTs), the fee is $104. For advanced emergency medical technicians (AEMTs), the fee is $144, and for paramedics, the fee is $160.

If you take an accredited NREMT prep course, your EMT or paramedic school may come with an exam voucher that covers all or part of your exam fees. While you can take the NREMT exam at home, the cost is virtually the same as attending an in-person exam.

Becoming a professional in emergency medical services (EMS) is an investment, and the costs go beyond the NREMT exam. Between your EMS course, your exam application, your exam fees, your background check fees for your state, and state exam fees, you could be paying a minimum of $3,000. You could also be looking at a hefty rescoring fee if you don’t pass the exam on your first try.

There are ways to reduce costs without cutting corners. In this article, we’ll discuss the costs of the exam and how you can get the most bang for your buck without sacrificing an excellent education.

Cutting Down on Costs

You can be mindful of investing in your EMS education, starting with the EMS course you register for. Always make sure the NREMT and your state recognize your course’s accreditation. Nothing is worse than spending thousands on a course only to find out the authorities you need to report to do not recognize it.

Many students make this mistake and have to spend another $1,500 to $3,000 to enroll in and pass another EMS course because their first course wasn’t accredited. Save yourself the grief and ensure you take a high-quality and NREMT-approved course.

Next, choose an accredited program that offers an NREMT exam voucher. Some of the exams, like the paramedic exam, can be pretty expensive if you’re just starting out in your professional career. These exam vouchers can cover a portion or all of your exam and are included in your program’s tuition.

Additionally, ensure you arrive early to your exam, have all the proper materials, and follow the exam’s rules. Pearson Vue is responsible for scheduling and proctoring every NREMT exam, and in-person and at-home exams have strict rules and regulations. Failing to comply with the rules, arriving late, or missing your exam altogether results in you losing your refund and having to pay for the NREMT exam application and exam fees all over again.

The Cost of Retaking the Exam

Approximately 60% to 69% of NREMT test-takers pass the exam on the first try. If you fail the exam and want to request a rescoring or take the test again, that comes with a fee. The NREMT currently charges a $150 fee for retaking or rescoring the NREMT exam.

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