How Long Does It Take To Learn to Become an EMR?

Emergency medical response is the highest level of First Aid administration, and is the most basic training an emergency responder can take to provide interventions during critical situations, making it valuable for many first responder positions. 

To become an emergency medical responder (EMR), you must pass EMR certification requirements, which include a cognitive and psychomotor exam. How long does it take to get EMR certification? Preparing for this test typically takes between fifty and sixty hours, but that timeline depends on the program and your pace. 

Is the EMR test hard? It can indeed be challenging, but if you receive the proper training–like that offered by the Paramedic Coach–you can pass it without breaking a sweat!

How to Learn to Become an EMR

There are multiple ways to learn EMR, but one of the most cost-effective and convenient routes is through the Paramedic Coach Video Vault. This comprehensive program provides you with everything you need to learn to pass the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) EMR exam.

The best part about our Video Vault is that it’s designed to help you truly understand the concepts you’re working with, instead of relying on memorization methods. This helps you build a stronger EMR foundation that will be incredibly valuable when the time comes when you need to put your education into practice. 

The Video Vault explores all the essential concepts tested in the NREMT EMR exam. These include: 

  • Airway, Respiratory and Ventilation
  • Cardiology and Resuscitation
  • Trauma
  • Medical; Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Operations

You also have to consider the method by which your EMR training is offered as this affects how much time and resources you may have to put in to complete it. For example, the Paramedic Coach Video Vault is available online with lifetime access, which means that you can learn at a pace that works for you, which is especially important if you’re juggling other things at the same time.

The NREMT EMR exam itself ranges between ninety to 110 questions and takes about two hours to complete (though many people finish before then; the two-hour mark is the maximum amount of time for the test). The results aren’t tallied there and then, so it may take about two business days before you know your final marks. 

If you pass, you can then apply to an emergency services agency. That said, you still have to recertify every two years, which either involves taking another exam or completing a certain number of continuing education hours.

How Much Does It Cost to Learn to Become an EMR?

The cost of learning to become an EMR will ultimately depend on the training course you enroll in. Some programs can set you back several hundred dollars for textbooks, equipment, and dedicated teachers. The Paramedic Coach Video Vault gives you lifetime access to helpful resources and materials for only $137.

Learn to Become an EMR With the Paramedic Coach Video Vault

The Paramedic Coach Video Vault provides you with all that you need to become an EMR. Our program doesn’t just give you essential information about EMR–it also provides you with career advice and guidance, on-the-job tips and skills, and worksheets and review materials. It’s a valuable tool to help you pass the NREMT EMR exam. Get lifetime access to our Video Vault today!

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