How Long Does It Take to Get an EMT Certification?

It takes approximately 120 hours of supervised training to become an EMT. This typically takes candidates between six months and one year to complete. At the end of their training, EMTs also need to complete the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) exam.

You need an EMT certificate to provide this care. So, if you are interested in this career path, your first concern should be how to get an EMT certification. Secondly, you need to be familiar with the necessary EMT test prep steps so you can easily pass the test on your first attempt.

After all that hard work getting certified, it’s important to know how long an EMT certification lasts so you don’t let yours lapse. Medical responders need to renew their certification every two years with the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT). 

What Is an EMT?

An EMT is an emergency medical provider trained to offer care to critical patients, primarily at the scene of an accident or incident before they’re taken to the hospital for comprehensive medical treatment.

EMTs also take care of patients in ambulances on their way to the hospital. As an EMT, you should have knowledge and expertise in assessing patients and managing emergency medical situations like cardiac arrests, trauma, and respiratory conditions.

As a professional EMT, you have to undergo the necessary training to become certified. However, that training alone doesn’t qualify you to work as an EMT. You have to complete an EMT test with a passing score–this is the only way you become a certified EMT.

How Long It Takes to Get EMT Certified

It will typically take three months–or one semester–to complete an EMT training course in a community college. However, training can take longer, especially if you fail your NREMT test and need to retest. 

Your EMT course may also take longer than three months if you opt for part-time classes. Once you’re done with your basic EMT course, you can choose to pursue an advanced EMT (AEMT) certification.

AEMT certification takes an additional three to four months to complete, which prolongs the time you spend in school. You can also choose to advance your EMT training by enrolling in a paramedic school.

A paramedic program will earn you an associate’s degree, and there are paramedic schools offering certificate programs that normally take fourteen to eighteen months to complete. Whether you opt for an associate’s degree or a certificate program, you’ll become a certified paramedic at the end of your training. 

It’s important to note that you need to be at least eighteen years of age to become an EMT and must have a high school diploma or equivalent to take the basic EMT course.

More Opportunities After EMT Certification

Make sure you have basic EMT certification first if you want to advance to the paramedic level. Check out The Paramedic Coach’s resources today to find out more about this exciting and dynamic field!

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