How Is the NREMT Graded?

The National Registry for Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) exam isn’t graded like traditional exams. It contains multiple-choice questions and is designed to test your competence in five areas of study. For computer adaptive exams (CATs), the test will stop when there is a 95% confidence you passed or failed.

Taking the NREMT exam and passing it the first time is no small feat. The exam is quite difficult, and at least 30% of candidates fail the first time they take it. This is why you have to thoroughly prepare for it by using the right NREMT exam prep guide.

To find the right exam prep guide for your needs, become familiar with the different aspects of the NREMT exam so that you have a full picture of what to expect during and after the exam. For instance, you need to know what the passing score on the NREMT is and how the exam is graded.

NREMT Grading Procedure

As the national examining body for emergency medical technicians and paramedics, the NREMT is committed to the highest standards of fairness and transparency. It adheres to the latest industry’s examining standards and best practices. These measures enable it to provide students looking to become NREMT-certified with accurate scores. 85% of the questions will cover adults, while 15% will relate to pediatrics.

The exam’s grading isn’t based on topic areas but on your ability to demonstrate your understanding and entry-level competency in different aspects of the EMT field. It consists of seventy to 150 questions, based on your certification level.

The NREMT exam has two main formats: the linear exam and the computer adaptive test (CAT) exam. For the linear test, you’re expected to answer all 135 questions because your success will be determined by the answers you get right. Your success will be determined by your ability to answer specific questions for the CAT test. For instance, if you can correctly answer the first ten hard questions, the system might skip the easy questions and proceed with more difficult ones until you complete all five categories.

Note that the difficult questions will earn you more points than the easy questions. The difficulty of the questions asked in the CAT format continues to adapt depending on your answers until the system’s algorithm determines you meet the passing standard.

Requesting a Review of Your Scores

If you’re dissatisfied with the initial scores, the NREMT allows you to have your exam rescored by qualified staff members. However, the likelihood of your exam being graded incorrectly is almost nil.

Nevertheless, the rescoring option is part of their transparency efforts. If you believe that your score may have been negatively affected by a particular section of the exam, you can request its review as part of the rescoring process.

The rescoring process consists of three major steps:

  • Reviewing the content of the items administered in the exam
  • Reconsidering the passing standards or suitability of the testing conditions
  • Reviewing specific items of the exam as requested by the candidate

You can request a review of your scores by filling out a Rescoring Request Form on the NREMT website and providing specific reasons for the review request. You must submit your request within thirty days after the official release of your results.

The review costs $150, due before the review can begin. You can avoid the hassle of requesting a review of your scores by preparing yourself thoroughly and passing the exam the first time. We have you covered–check out The Paramedic Coach’s online NREMT test prep materials today!

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