Practice EKG Exam for Certification: Take an EKG Practice Test or EKG Quiz

The emergency health services and medical industries are in critical condition and looking for qualified electrocardiogram (EKG) professionals. EKG technicians are healthcare employees who perform diagnostic tests that help doctors identify cardiovascular problems in patients. They conduct EKG (also known as ECG) tests that can help them discover irregularities in a patient’s heart that could lead to heart disease or a heart attack.

EKG technicians play a crucial role in the healthcare system, which is why they must become certified before they can begin work and conduct medical exams. You can become an EKG technician in as little as three to six months, and you don’t even need a post-secondary degree! However, you still need to take your training and EKG certification test seriously. Accredited programs typically last between three to six months, or you can earn one year of on-the-job training before taking the certification exam.

What Is the National EKG Certification Exam?

The Certified EKG Technician (CET) exam is an exam that allows you to earn a specialized credential that validates your expertise and competency as an EKG technician. This certification shows employers that you have the skills and knowledge necessary to accurately perform EKG tests‒which can also give you some leverage when you’re negotiating your hourly rate or salary.

The exam is divided into three main sections:

      • Safety, compliance, and coordinated patient care (32%)

      • EKG acquisition (44%)

      • EKG analysis and interpretation (24%)

    Enrollment for the EKG exam is easy‒all you need is a high school diploma or GED and to complete an accredited training program or one year of on-the-job training. You need to score a minimum of 78% on the EKG certification exam in order to pass, which can be a tall order. As of 2021, only about 72% of test-takers passed the exam on the first try. This is why the right EKG test prep and practice exams are so important.

    EKG and 12-Lead EKG Training Course: Test Prep, Practice Exam, and Beyond

    The Paramedic Coach offers so much more than just emergency medical services (EMS) test prep. With our new Masterclass programs for EMS providers as well as EKG technicians, you can take practice EKG tests, review important material from your course or real-life experience, and dive deep into the expertise you need to be confident and competent at your job.

    In addition to offering EKG practice tests and quizzes online, we offer two Masterclasses to help you prepare for the CET exam: the EKG Masterclass and the 12-Lead EKG Masterclass. These ECG classes each offer multiple hours of content, including:

        • EKG interpretation Quiz and !2-Lead EKG Quiz

        • Slides and visuals

        • Presentation breakdowns

      Your accredited courses can be filled with complicated medical jargon that leaves you scratching your head. With the Paramedic Coach Masterclasses, we break down these complex terms, information, and ideas in a way that’s easy for you to understand.

      EKG Masterclass

      In our exclusive EKG Masterclass, we explore the basics of what every EKG technician should know:

          • Reading EKG rhythms

          • Understanding EKG rhythms

          • How EKG rhythms work

        This Masterclass is the perfect supplement and study-buddy to your EKG certification course. With the tools and information in this Masterclass, you can increase your chances of passing the EKG certification exam on the first try!

        12-Lead EKG Masterclass

        If you’re looking for 12-lead test prep, our 12-Lead Masterclass has you covered. In this Masterclass, we dive into everything an EKG technician should know and more, focusing primarily on 12-Lead EKG, including:

            • How to read a 12-Lead

            • The fundamentals of 12-Lead

            • The most advanced EKG topics and tactics

          With this Masterclass, you’ll not only walk away with a wealth of information and knowledge, but you’ll be able to think like an expert EKG technician.

          Check more about how to study for EKG test.

          Frequently Asked Questions About EKG Certification Tests

          The CET exam has one hundred scored questions. The questions are separated into three content areas: safety, compliance, and coordinated patient care; EKG acquisition; and EKG analysis and interpretation.

          In addition to these three categories, the National Healthcareer Association (NHA) also lists ‘Core Knowledge’ can be used in the context of questions on the exam, which can include:

          • Basic anatomy and physiology of the heart
          • Emergencies related to cardiac testing
          • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation and basic life support (BLS)

          One of the most challenging parts is the questions about EKG strips. Some strips you need to know include:

          • Accelerated Idioventricular Rhythm 
          • Accelerated Junctional Rhythm        
          • Atrial Fibrillation      
          • First Degree Heart Block       
          • Idioventricular Rhythm         
          • Junctional Escape Rhythm
          • Junctional Tachycardia          
          • Multifocal Atrial Tachycardia
          • Normal Sinus Rhythm
          • Sinoatrial Block

          With our exclusive Masterclasses, we walk you through the process of reading and understanding EKGs. Our classes allow you to practice your skills so you can feel confident for your exam and for your career.

          You need to receive a minimum score of 390 or 78% to pass the CET exam for EKG technicians.

          The EKG certification exam can be difficult if you don’t have on-the-job experience and don’t study for the exam. Today, many students are juggling their EKG coursework with their jobs, families, and other responsibilities, making it difficult to sit down with a textbook and review material.

          With our Masterclasses, you can access easy-to-understand information and content that basically does the studying for you. We will give you all the tools, including practice test quizzes, you need to prepare for the exam so you can increase your chances of passing on the first try.

          EKG interpretation takes time because it requires some memorization and pattern recognition. The more exposure you have to their EKG patterns and practice reading them, the easier it becomes. You will learn how to interpret the QRS complex, understand wave and interval patterns, and so much more. This is why both of our EKG Masterclasses include compelling visuals and real examples of EKG rhythms and intervals. We give you our expert tips and tricks for memorizing these rhythms and patterns to make it all easier.

          EKG training programs typically take between forty and eighty class hours and between twenty and forty clinical hours. The CET exam itself takes approximately two hours.

          When it comes to any certification, you get what you put into it. Many ECG training programs take as little as three months up to two years to complete. We believe in studying smarter, not harder. If you opt for a course that’s more spread-out and you don’t really engage with the course material, you may need longer to study and practice.

          With our Masterclasses, you don’t have to worry about being confused or intimidated by the material. We break down these concepts in a way that’s concise and conversational so that anyone can learn how to read an EKG!