Can I Come Into the NREMT Written Exam With Paper?

Most NREMT test centers prohibit personal belongings within arm’s reach, besides a beverage. If you are taking the test online through the OnVUE system, a proctor will facilitate your exam, who may stop the test for any reason, including the presence of unapproved paper.

You may be issued scratch paper or a dry-erase board on the day, but referring to materials–including written and digital content–during the exam is forbidden within the NREMT Examinations Irregular Behavior policy.

One of the important aspects of NREMT test prep is ensuring you know what to expect on examination day, giving you confidence that you have the proficiency and test-taking skills to pass.

How to Approach the NREMT Cognitive Test

The ideal way to maximize your chances of success in the exam, a compulsory requirement to gain the NREMT cert, is to commit sufficient time to test prep. Rushing into the examination without studying every element of the syllabus is never wise. Even if you have completed your course or training program and have extensive real-world experience in an emergency medical setting, having plenty of practice answering complex questions thoroughly and under pressure is a defined skill. 

NREMT Test Center Policies

We always advise researching the rules within your nearest test center so you don’t encounter any surprises on examination day, such as:

  • Being prepared to arrive at the center at least thirty minutes before the test is due to begin to avoid re-registering and paying a second examination fee
  • Bringing two forms of approved identification with you (these must include a government-issued ID featuring your signature and photo and a second ID showing your name and signature)
  • Complying with standards of conduct, including grounds for dismissal (examples include using an electronic device like a calculator or smartphone or giving assistance to any other test-taker)

Although test conditions are often self-explanatory, reading up on the restrictions around what you can and cannot bring prevents any inadvertent breach of the rules.

Preparing for the NREMT Cognitive Examination

The Paramedic Coach provides a comprehensive set of accessible resources to ensure you are fully prepared and can go into your NREMT exam equipped with the tools you need to succeed.

Our updated Video Vault provides lifetime access to a huge set of worksheets, drug cards, content videos, and more than 2,000 NREMT practice questions. Simulating the exam environment, working through areas of weakness, and digesting content presented in videos in a jargon-free, straightforward way can solidify your comprehension across every module.

While we wouldn’t recommend relying on practice questions alone, they will help you get a feel for how each question might be structured and phrased–which is rarely covered in-depth during an NREMT training course. By working through these questions, worksheets, and quizzes, you can quickly identify your strengths and focus your prep time on brushing up on areas where you would benefit from further practice.

The Advantage of Knowledge Check Questions

Our emphasis is on preparing every candidate to pass the NREMT with a dedicated set of resources based on an extensive understanding of the reasons so many candidates fail the cognitive examination at least once. The biggest contributing factor is a lack of understanding about translating your learning into well-rounded, clear, direct answers that attract the best possible scoring.

Utilizing knowledge check questions allows you to drill down into your understanding and ensure you have thoroughly practiced every style of question that might come your way. This will also help you approach your exam with focus, confidence, and an established exam-taking strategy!

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