Can an NREMT Cert Be Turned in for College Credit?

Generally, an NREMT certificate cannot be used as credit towards a college course. This is because the certification gained when you pass the cognitive and psychomotor NREMT exams and apply for state licensure is a nationally recognized qualification that sits apart from the tuition program you follow.

Likewise, an NREMT prep course is a period of self-study to ensure you are in great shape to pass the NREMT. However, some learning programs may count towards continued professional development (CPD) and help you build a well-rounded, professional medical resume.

It’s important to verify the policies of the college or educational body you’re interested in. Some offer EMT and paramedic courses with an associated credit that you can use towards a degree program.

Gaining College Credits Through EMT Study

As we’ve mentioned, a certificate designation isn’t normally something educational bodies offer credits against. Still, you can use your education to meet eligibility requirements for other courses or claim a waiver against certain modules. Medical professionals working within emergency healthcare may also be able to accumulate credits that can leave a smaller number of credits required to achieve a further qualification, such as a degree.

These programs tend to be linked to emergency response careers, so you might be permitted to use EMT courses or paramedic school towards a degree in emergency management or fire science, as some examples.

The NREMT written exam is an intensive assessment process that examines your knowledge and skill set across a broad curriculum. We advise you to focus on cohesive, robust learning and knowledge checks rather than treating the cognitive exam as a simple test that will generate college credits.

Transferring EMT Course Credits to Another Course

Although the NREMT certification doesn’t directly translate into college credits, you might be able to claim credits against the EMT course, program, or school you attend. Much depends on the university, but many have formal articulation agreements where students who have completed a specific program are awarded a defined number of credits.

These agreements allow emergency healthcare students to gain further qualifications or meet the requirements to enroll in a degree program while using their existing expertise towards the course completion standards. If you have credits requested for the NREMT exam, it’s far more likely your selected institution will award credits based on the course rather than the certification–but be sure to check since every organization will have its own policies and procedures.

Progressing Further Career Opportunities as an EMT

It takes work, commitment, and a period of dedicated test prep to pass the NREMT exam, and there are multiple options if you’re keen to advance, learn new skills, or leverage your education thus far to explore other careers. The key is to ensure that before you consider college credits, degree programs, or further education, you concentrate on achieving a passing result on the NREMT cognitive test, which a big proportion of candidates fail at least once.

In most cases, this is because the student has completed their EMT course but hasn’t realized that preparing for the test is just as vital–which includes learning exam techniques, identifying gaps in comprehension, and working out the best way to demonstrate a full breadth of understanding for every question.

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