Who is
The Paramedic Coach

Hey, I’m Evan. Nice To Meet You.

Evan, (The Paramedic Coach) has been in the EMS profession since 2011. As Evan sat in EMT class and watched the lead paramedic instructor teach, he knew he had found his calling. He wanted to become a great paramedic one day and he wanted to teach others. He gained his NREMT EMT certification in 2011, at the age of 19.

By 21 years old, Evan was a nationally certified paramedic and graduated with honors from Paramedic College, the same college where he earned his Associates degree in Paramedic Studies.

After gaining years of experience as a 911 field paramedic and providing advanced life support transport services, he was ready to start teaching the next generation of EMTs and Paramedics.

“I kept seeing new providers and EMT/medic students make the same mistakes when they rode alongside me, and I would always go the extra mile to help them, but I wanted to impact more people.”

The Paramedic Coach idea was born. He took all the helpful tips and tricks that he had been giving to new students and providers and brought that online where they could have their own “Paramedic Coach”.

Today, Evan has helped over 40,000 students worldwide prepare for their NREMT exams using the Video Vault program. His simple and concise method of teaching EMS has allowed students to excel in the classroom, on exam day, and out in the field in their communities.

Evan has been asked by universities, government agencies, and other EMS program directors to mentor their student bodies and instructors on ways to raise NREMT pass rates.

Finally, Evan has amassed an enormous social media following of over 1,000,000 followers across all social media platforms and was recently awarded with a YouTube Silver Play Button for reaching 100k subscribers on YouTube.

A Message from Evan

“My goal with The Paramedic Coach is to disrupt EMS education and the way that students are taught. I, like many of my students, do not learn from traditional methods such as reading through chapters and flipping through giant textbooks. I sought out to create a platform where students could log in and immediately start having “light-bulb moments”. EMS training is extremely accelerated and I wanted students to combat that by having the Video Vault in their pocket. My students today are extremely prepared for school and NREMT because they have access to the Video Vault, which they can start reviewing even before school starts. I am so excited for your EMS and NREMT success and can’t wait for you to unlock the Video Vault for yourself!”