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Frequently Asked Questions About The NREMT Exam

National Registry Certification exams evaluate your competence as an Emergency Medical Services (EMS) practitioner. Basically, the EMT certification exam just determines how well you can perform a National Emergency Medical Responder (EMR), Emergency Medical
Technician (EMT), Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT), and Paramedic.

At The Paramedic Coach, we offer top, comprehensive guidance with our course that can help you prepare for the NREMT exam and tackle it with confidence! We help equip you with the NREMT knowledge, information, and practice to pass the exam.

Think back to your high school SATs and ACTs–the students who aced the test, studied. This can look like purchasing specific textbooks and materials, such as EMT study guides, practice questions, and test review materials. However, not every student learns best by reading complicated test prep textbooks with confusing language.

For a comprehensive NREMT test prep, we recommend taking online courses. The Paramedic Coach offers an all-inclusive video vault and masterclasses that covers all areas of the NREMT exam. Best of all–you have a lifetime of unlimited access to the exam prep and review material. These EMT test videos allow you to hear the exam material, see it, and work at a pace that makes sense for you. Best of all? Our NREMT courses can be used at any time on the go, which is way more convenient than carrying several practice textbooks around as you prepare for the EMT exam. Our course will also provide you with an NREMT practice test and review questions to help you prep.

Our exam prep, practice, and review tools include:

  • More than 480 education videos
  • Course Audio files
  • EKG masterclass – All you need to study for EKG certification.
  • Worksheets, drug cards and exam study guides
  • NREMT Practice tests and exam questions
  • Access to a private NREMT community to connect and study with

We recommend you study for the NREMT a minimum of three weeks before your exam date. If you wait until the two-week mark, we recommend setting aside several hours a day to prepare for the EMT exam.

Ideally, it’s a good idea to start preparing around three to five weeks before your EMT exam. This will allow you the time to revisit EMT concepts you’re struggling with or connect with us for additional prep support. We highly recommend taking an NREMT prep course to help you gain the necessary knowledge and skills to pass the exam without needing to take it multiple times.

The first-time pass rate for EMTs averages only between 67% to 73% in 2021 alone, which means over a quarter of first-time NREMT test-takers are failing the exam. This exam is meant to prepare you for real-world scenarios where patient lives are on the line, so preparing for the rest not only helps you pass, but keeps you focused and prepared for working out in the field. Taking a NREMT course will help you prep for the exam and pass with flying colors.

Like we mentioned above, roughly 33% of EMTs and 23% of paramedics fail the test on their first attempt. While there currently isn’t enough data to show how the percentage of second or third-time test-takers passed, we can safely say that if you thoughtfully prepare for the test, there’s a higher chance of passing the NREMT exam and becoming a certified professional.

The CAT exam stands for ‘Computer Adaptive Test.’ If you are taking EMR, EMT, or Paramedic-level exams, the style of test you’re taking is CAT. The exam is electronic and works progressively. This means each time you answer an NREMT question correctly, the test gives you a harder question on the same topic or moves you to a new topic entirely. The AEMT exam is a linear exam so you will take the entire set of NREMT questions.

Say you don’t answer an exam question correctly. The computer then wants to determine if it’s a fluke or if you don’t understand this aspect of emergency pre-hospital treatment, so it will ask you more exam questions on the topic until you either fail the topic or start answering correctly. The main idea behind this is that the NREMT computer system wants to be 95% certain you understand each of the five content areas.


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